Vocal Exercise – 1

VOcal Lesson

1A – Hum (Three note scale)

The video below will take you step by step thru a vocal warm up made just for kids. This 3 note exercise should be sung in a relaxed way.This exercise is to be practiced daily. After you finish with the video for a week ill brief you with information on what next to be done.

how to practice

  • Practicing 5 to 15 Minutes (Depending on your child’s interest – Remember 5 Min should be minimum)
  • Do not force the practice on them, but rather try to participate along Side in Music Learning.
  • Few minutes daily is much better than once or twice a week of long Practice.

1B – Hum (Three note scale)


Play/Download – AUDIO ONLY



Journaling your vocal practice

  • Record your voice and upload it on youtube/sound-cloud (if you don’t have an account, i recommend that you make one. Keep it private or public – depends on you).
  • Share the youtube/sound-cloud link of your voice so i can evaluate the improvement of your voice.
  • Journaling your voice keeps record of where you started and how you have improved by time.

Steps to recording your voice

  1. Download the audio file to your computer.
  2. Practice along with the audio file several times before you want to record.
  3. use your mobile phone/voice recorder and record your child/yourself voice
  4. upload it youtube (you can keep this to private mode – if you dont want the world to see this)
  5. if you don’t have a Youtube/SoundCloud account, i recommend that you make one, using your gmail account.


If you have any thoughts, questions, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.


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