Why Piano Practice?

Reasons why a musician needs to take Piano practice seriously:


Once a  pianist and singer were rehearsing “Autumn Leaves” for a concert.

the pianist says:
”OK. We will start in G minor and then on the third bar, modulate to B major and go into 5/4.
When you get to the bridge, modulate back down to F# minor and alternate a 4/4 bar with a 7/4 bar.
On the last A section go into double time and slowly modulate back to G minor.”?

The singer says: “Wow, I don’t think I can remember all of that.”

The pianist says: “Well, that’s what you did last time.”

haha… I know its funny but thats the reality of working with singers and at times musicians too. They absolutely have no clue of what they are doing and seriously its your responsibility to keep the music go on and give the song your performing a happy ending.


Now, thats a top reason why should practice. If you see yourself as a musician. If your a student your reasons are here.

Download the Practice chart for piano


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