What is Solfège?

Solfège is singing one-vowel-sound syllable to a traditional Scale<—-Click here if you want to know what a scale is.

The solfège scale looks like this: Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do. A person learning solfege tends to gain fluency with pitch faster and more thoroughly than others who don’t use a system.

Indian Solfege –     sa  – ri  –  ga  –  ma  –   pa  –  da  –  ni  –  sa

Japanese Solfege –   i  –  ro  –  ha  –  ni  –  ho  –  he  –  to  –  i

Why Learn Solfège?

  • earn songs quickly.
  • It helps you sight-sing or learn music without hearing a tune played first.
  • Solfege reveals patterns in music.
  • Creates impressions in the brain connecting an unknown song to a known one to perform it easily
  • Solfège takes the very complicated system of 12 major scales and combines it into one.
  • Without solfège you might sing 100 songs and still take hours to learn a new one.

Hand Signs  Used

There are  hand signs used with each solfège syllable. For some it is an added complication and for others, it helps you recall syllables quickly. what ever the case solfeggi is important not the hand signs whatsoever.

Solfege is a Moveable Scale 

C is “do” in C-major, G is “do” in G-major, D is “do” in D-major, and etc. Solfège reveals that no matter what key all major scales are the same; the only difference is the pitch you start on.

What about the chromatic notes. Do they also have a syllable>

If you sing a chromatic scale up, the syllables are: Do-Di-Re-Ri-Mi-Fa-Fi-Sol-Si-La-Li-Ti-Do. The system is a great one ,but if your a beginner then you’ll not need this as for now.

nice to see you learning music

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