Posture at the Piano

Posture at the Piano

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What is our seating position at the piano?

Good piano playing is possible if the seating posture is right . Therefore, its really important to take note of how we sit at the piano.Lets not think that sitting at the piano is a rigid rule, but rather its to bring convenience of playing.

Height of the Piano and our seating.

  • Elbow has to fall freely from the shoulder
  • The forearm needs to be parallel to the floor 

Distance Between you and the piano.

  • Elbows need to rest and slightly pulled forward
  • your fingers need to reach the piano keys comfortably half way through the black keys

Where to sit on the bench?

  • we sit in such a way that we occupy only half and a little less the length of our sitting on the bench. this helps us keep our backs straight. (now this is something we all fail remembering but we need to remind ourselves on this)
  • sit in a way that you can reach the lowest note to your left and highest note to your right.

Chair Vs Bench

  • who do u think wins this? your absolutely right BENCH.

What about our feet ?

  • never criss cross your legs
  • let your feet be planted on the floor

For my little friends (children) whose feet cant reach the floor. Please try adding height by keeping a wooden plank or something of the sort to make the feet touch it, to keep it flat.


Thanks and Take care.

Joel .E Dave


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