Lesson 2 : PITCH and RHYTHM


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In this section well learn about the basic ingredients of music.The musical notes on the 5 lines carry two important meaning to it… One is the PITCH VALUE… Which we come to know looking at where the note is located either up or down… If its up then its higher in pitch… If its down then its lower in pitch.


Pitch is what is produced when you strike a string on the guitar or play a single key on the piano or any note in the musical alphabet of any instrument on planet earth. Pitch is produced when the wave produced by the instrument oscillates several times (which is several hundred times called frequency). For example. If an object oscillates 440 times in a seecond it will produce THE MUSICAL ALPHABET PITCH CALLED “A”

Here’s an example of the pitches and the musical alphabet with its piano key allocation



TIME VALUE                    


Okay coming to the second aspect which is the time value… The shape of the musical note tells us about the TIME VALUE. When you look at the staflines (5 line musical notes) you’ll see a note which looks like a circle or another could look like a circle with a stem… Even other could look like circle with a stem coloured inside.

A note which looks like a- circle gets 4 counts
– circle with a stem gets 2 counts
– circle with a stem coloured inside gets 1 count
– circle with a stem coloured inside with a flag gets half a count.


Rhythm is the length and accent given to a series of notes in a piece. Unlike the BEAT which is steady pulse like counting in time. Let me give you examples of this steady beat… The human heartbeat, the ticking clock. Conclusion of PITCH VALUE and

RHYTHM VALUE.  Just like pitch is named as musical alphabets. Rhythm has value in time telling us how long or how short a musical sound should occur.

Example if the pitch value tells me what musical alphabet (note) needs to be played on an instrument, and then time value tells us how long to play that note.


Just like a musical note carries time value – a rest carrys time value too… a REST is the silence in music… it tells us how long the silence needs to be.
Look at the chart to see the rest sign and how long it is.


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