We have all asked this question about our true identity and have tried searching various answers, Here I present the answer of the Bible.  The Bible says We humans are Spirits  who have a soul(Mind, Emotion,Will) and we live in a body(1 Thessalonians 5:23). Many a people think we are just a body and when we die, thats where it all ends. The bible tells we are eternal beings and God created us in his image (John 4:24) and we are a spirit.

The Fall of Man 

God who is Love created man with a “Free Will” to do what he chooses to do without restraint. A Free will which can do right and do wrong by choice. In Genesis Man chooses to do the wrong by choice, resulting in what the bible calls “Sin”(Separation from God). Hence man who was created for ruling the world fell from his position to such a low place that he now cannot rule his own Soul (Will, Emotions, Mind). Hence man lost his choice of “Free Will”. what it means is man is no more free to do the good he wants  to do but rather the bad which he does not want to do it does it (Rom 7:19).

The Redeeming/Rescuing of man

Man desperately needed a rescuing, as he could not save himself from the consequence. God intervened in by rescuing him by taking the penalty of his sins on the cross. Now, the spirit of man is rescued from Sin (Separation from God) and able to relate to God. Now that man is rescued from sin the main question that arises is : CAN MAN LIVE A LIFE IN ITS FULLNESS?


The Complete Man

Since man is a Spirit, Soul and Body. The saving of man’s spirit by the Cross of Jesus Christ makes us able to redeem back our souls from its former state of separation from God. The Cross of Jesus Christ dealt with the spirit of man but the soul & body of man stays unchanged and its at the disposal of man, waiting for man to bring it back to the submission of his Spirit through his “Free Will”

The Free Will Of Man

Just as it was the Free Will of man that brought us under Sin. After the Cross of Jesus Christ we again have a “Free Will”  which  can choose God’s way instead of sin. This is a man complete, a man who choose truly to good that he know to do.

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