Lightly Row

Lightly Row


Lightly row, lightly row,
O’er the glassy waves we go!
Smoothly glide, smoothly glide,
On the silent tide.

Let the winds and waters be
Mingled with our childish glee.
Sing and float, sing and float
In our little boat!

Far away, far away,
Echo in the rock at play;
Calleth not, calleth not,
To this lonely spot.

Only with the seabirds’ note
Shall our happy music float.
Lightly row, lightly row,
In our little boat!


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2 thoughts on “Lightly Row

  1. marceline

    My daughter cud learn d song in just 10 mins including d notes .. All I did was followed d guidelines to teach her… Tq

    1. admin

      Good Job!! Im Glad it works.. Evana has a great Potential to learn.. what Keyboard do u have at home for practise?

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