Lesson 4 – Mental memory vs Finger Memory – Learn To Draw Piano Keyboard


Lesson 4


The Difference –  Mental Memory vs Finger Memory

Anything you need to learn likely has both a physical (muscle memory) and mental (repetition retention) segment. These two have their own “expectation to absorb information.”

It’s not difficult to see that drawing the bones of the body for a science/biology test is a generally mental learning, in contrast with  learning a new game on the field which is a physical learning. It may amaze you to discover that DRAWING and PLAYING A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT are pretty much a balance of mental and physical learning.

The two work in an essentially unique manner. There are likewise extraordinary deceives you can use to advance each. We should investigate the science:


How are Physical and Mental Skills Stored?

  • You have probably come across these 2 words, “muscle memory.” which is reality  an automatic memory. Educators call this “non-declarative memory.” It’s a sort of innate skill that you have learnt. Example – Driving Car – your muscles exactly know where the ABC ( Accelerator, Break, Clutch ) of the driving is by instinct.
  • When I speak of a mental memory, it is what educators would call a “declarative memory.” It is  knowledge that can be explained in words.
    Example – which is  capital of the United States, major scale positions on a guitar, chemical reactions are all declarative memories.


3 Important Benefits  Of Learning To Draw Piano Keyboard

  • By practising to draw the keyboard layout you train your brain to retain the musical notes in a MIND MAPPING manner.
  • Associating a sound to a mental picture.
  • helps you to be set free from looking at the piano keyboard to play the piano rightly.

How To Draw The Piano Keyboard – Video Lesson

Okay… Now its time to learn a song…

Song – Dyno, My Pet Dinosaur


How to play this song?

  • Remember the TIME VALUE of the notes in the sheet music above. (if you do not know click here to learn)
  • Hand Position 
  • Thumb = 1 in both hands
  • Watch the Video below and TRY playing

To download the BOOK as a PDF  – http://musictutorial.in/downloads/

 What Next?

  • Take the Quiz

Lesson 4 QUIZ


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