Lesson 1 – Note and Time Value



Music and brain
Music and brain

Hello & welcome to Music Tutorial.in
All of us as a whole love music. Whether we tune in to it or learn into it, some how we find ourselves, humming or swinging to a tune in our leisure time. Some of us would even sing and some of us would somehow figure out how to play an instrument. Performing music lifts the soul and brings bliss to life. Music can upgrade our comprehension of craftsmanship and of
the world around us, permitting us to think and communicate with a unique edge to whatever we do. Music additionally gives us a superior comprehension of ourselves, motivating us to go after higher objectives and look for more prominent fulfillments in life.


fingers playing piano

I started my musical journey when I received a Electronic Piano from my Dad in my school days. My dad
being a Pastor in a local church we constantly had singing and music as a part of our daily lives. I began practicing for hours a day and taking part in competitions. The more I practiced, the more I became hooked on music. And that was that. My life’s journey as a musician had officially begun. Music was always the first thing on my list, my passion, my calling, and my life!

Once you decide to learn music, many questions may arise:

  • Questions

    What instrument should I play?

  • What makes a great music school?
  • How much will I have to practice?
  • How can I help my child practice?
  • What is the value of music lessons?

We will Answer your questions here. With focus and determination, music lessons can be a wonderful learning experience for the entire family. So, let’s look at what it means to become a musician!

Note and Time

There are three things that we plan to learn today.

  1. How to write music
  2. The Note value
  3. The Time value.


Music is written on five lines called “The Staff lines”

Staff lines



I’m sure most of us would have come across signs like this one, and sometimes wondered what these signs meant?

music flowing

You know something, Each of these notes have a musical meaning and today we gonna unlock these meanings.

Now without further a due let’s move on. Every note that you see carries two important values one is “TIME VALUE and the other is “ TIME VALUE. Also, did you know ?  With these two important values, we are able to read music accurately!

note and time


 Let us learn what a NOTE VALUE is.


NOTE VALUE talks about the pitch of the note. It tells us either the pitch is high or low. This aspect of knowing if the pitch is high or low is known by the position of the note. The NOTE being placed HIGHER or LOWER determines the NOTE VALUE. If the note is placed higher then obviously the pitch is gonna be high, and if the note is placed lower on the staff lines then the note is also going to be low in terms of its pitch.


And now here’s a sample of these note values are placed on the staff lines.

Staff Lines notes


Okay, let’s get into the time value. How do we know what the time value is?

If you see a note looking like a circle, it gets

whole note
whole note



And if you see a note which looks like a circle with a stem, it gets

half note
half note






And if you see a note which looks circle with a stem coloured inside, it gets ONE COUNT

quarter note
quarter note





To understand this Practically Watch to the Video Below.

Note value and Time Value

Song 1

Okay, with this we have come to the end of our first lesson. Congratulations!!
I want you guys to take the TEST/QUIZ and  download the exercises below and work on it before we move further to Next Lesson… Bye!

Lesson 1 QUIZ

QUIZ Lesson 1


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    Joel, awesome lessons.
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      Thanks.. Im glad you liked it. check this finger exercise page – http://musictutorial.in/index.php/finger-exercise

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