Lesson 3c – Minor scale – Joy of learning music

What is a Minor scale?

Minor scale is a  specified set of notes which creates an emotion different from a major or another scale. Think of minor scale as a “SAD and EMOTIONAL” Scale. while there are various ways to make a song emotional, using a minor scale is one of the ways to compose a song deeply emotional.

What are the differences between a Major and a Minor Scale?

When it comes to a Major scale there is only one set of notes. the difference with the minor scale is there are different variations of the minor scale.


What are the different variations of a Minor scale?

  1. Natural Minor (all other minor scale are derived out of this)
  2. Harmonic Minor
  3. Melodic Minor

Each of these Minor scales have a different melodic and harmonic function.. now what do i mean by melodic and harmonic function??

Functionality of the scale is basically meaning to say what scale or harmony fits the song in its context (if you don’t get this..please comment and ill make a new lesson explaining this. )

ok is there a Similarity between major scale and minor scale?

Yes! the notes of the Natural Minor scale and Major scale are the same, except that they start at a different note.


C Major Scale  – C D E F G A B C
A Minor Scale – A B C D E F G A

If you notice, you’ll see that they both have the same notes, except that they start on their respective scale names

is there a way to find the Natural Minor scale, like the way we found the Major scale?

Yes again.. there are

3 Methods

  1. Scale formula
  2. Circle of fifths
  3. Calculate relating to the Major scale.


1. Scale Formula

Natural minor scale formula – W H W W H W W

if you don’t know what W and H mean, go to the previous lesson.
Apply the formula and you’ll find the minor scale (Can’t understand still.. comment me with your question and ill answer)

2. Circle of Fifths

Just like the Circle of Fifths moves for the major scale, it moves similarly for Minor scale

3. Calculate relating to the Major scale

If you know the notes of a Major scale and would like to find its Relative Minor Scale. Go to he 6th degree of the Major scale


C major Scale –

C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C
1   2   3  4  5   6  7   8

A minor Scale is formed just by  going to the 6th degree which is (A) and continuing thru the notes until we come back again to (A)gives us A Natural Minor Scale




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