Instruments needed in a music room

Instruments needed in a music room

In order for the classroom teacher to do a successful job in teaching music, the following materials should be available:

  • An instrument to use to tune pitch.
  •  A set of bells or xylophone
  • A small wind instrument
  • A recorder
  • A piano
  • Pitch pipe
    Staff liner – standard pick-board
  • Record player – three speed and of good quality
  • Percussion Instruments
    • wook blocks
    • Rhythm sticks
    • Tambourines
    •  Cymbals – spun brass
    • Finger cymbals
    • triangles
    • Tom-tom
    • Castanets on a handle
    •  Bell boys (sleigh bells on a wooden handle)
    • 5o Silk scarves 6o Melody bells or resonator bells
  • Autoharps 8.

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