How to help your child practice music at home

How to help your child practice music at home

How to help your child practice music at home?


Greetings…. If you are thinking of helping your kids to improve in Music then take a Note your Kids are Lucky.

hmmm…. if you want the Music learning experience to be the happiest and  productive activity possible. Like most parents, you hope that your child will gain satisfaction from learning to play the Keyboard/Piano, Sing, Guitar. you will as a parent understand in the process helping your child practise  music that the genuine love for music is created in your child, through activities in participation with others of their age group and importance of a teacher and a sense of accomplishment in the child . 

Musicians and music teachers agree that parents attitudes can make a great difference in the achievements of a child. Good intentions without the right approach is not practical. This suggests that as a parent you need some concrete steps that you can take to help your child get the best practise experience for your child.


How and How Long should your Child Practice daily ?

  • Practicing 5 to 15 Minutes (depending on your Childs Interest – Remember 5 Min should be Minimum)
  • Do not Force the Practice on them but rather Try to participate along Side in Music Learning.
  • Few Minutes daily is Much better than once or twice a week of Long Practices.
  • Although ur child is learning an Instrument like Piano or Guitar and so on…. he/she needs a Good ear (Aural understanding) training



Keep singing,
Joel E Dave

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