Chords and Triads

chord is a group of three or more pitches sounding together. Any combination of three or more pitches may be called a chord, but  what makes music interesting is that the music we play has a “Home coming” feel to it, which in other words could be called tonal harmony,This harmony is based on 3rds and can also be called as tertian harmony.



triad is a 3-note chord made up of all thirds, from the lowest note to the highest.

Now how are the 3 notes of the triad formed?
to answer this, ill want you to hear this carefully. There are two important words here to note, one is Harmony and the other is Dissonance.
Dissonance is basically tones which come together with its waves being unstable, which produces an unstable tone combination which may not fit being called music(with exception of music writers who want such dissonance if they sense a need for it)

Harmony is when 2 different notes come together to form a musically enhanced sound. Okay now that we know the 2 words.. lets dive in

imagine a train whose wheels are close to each other. can it stand?? obviously No! it can’t. how about giving it a distance? yes, Now it can stand. okay so what! the right distance is the matter not just that its got a distance.

hmm. so what is the  right distance. lets take the example from the C note.

if C is 1 then Db is the second in the Black key and D is the second in the white. Both these notes when played together with C separately, it forms dissonance(Unpleasant to hear)

now, black key which is 3rd from C is Eb which is not a dissonance but rather creates harmony and its waves perfectly go along so well naturally. The white key which is 3rd from C is E which is also a harmony and pleasing to hear.

So now we conclude that 3rd from C either black or white key is a harmony. This is the foundation to Chords.

There are 4 basic chords which is Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented.

okay lets work at how we find this.





Music Theory Major Triads

Minor Triads

Music Theory Minor Triads

Diminished Triads

Music Theory Diminished Triads

Augmented Triads

Music Theory Augmented Triads



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