Essentials of Piano Practice

Essentials of Piano Practice

1. Schedule your piano practice

Randomly fitting practice sessions around your other daily activities won’t always work.  Having a regular time  dedicated to piano practice is important.

2. Planning practice sessions

Musicians like to write a plan for their practice sessions, as we all are tempted to practice only the once we like to practice, and not whats important to practice. I’ve made a chart for you guys to use in your practice. Download, use it and remember to file it.

3. Mental preparation

Take your piano practice seriously. Better is 10 minutes of fully concentrated practice than hours of aimless playing, which we sometimes think and call it ”Creativity on the keyboard”.  Clear yourself of all distractions, and just focus and practise for the 10 or 15 mins you plan to practice.

4. Warming up and other physical aspects of piano practice

I personally find Piano practice after a shower to be really focused and accelerating. Warm up doing the Scales, Runs, Melodic movements of some sort – as this prepares the “Motor skills” (Fingers and Mental Picture) for the practice.

5. Practice in Bits and Pieces

To think you can master a piece of music all at once is simple not possible. Each of us may it be a student or teacher or musicians we all practice music which is a bit above what we already know, so the question of finishing a piece at the first go is never there. Perfecting a piece requires your personal time with the Piece of music itself. So take bits and pieces of the music and go through it in smaller pieces and by time there will be fruition.

6. Accuracy over speed

Yes we all want to learn a piece as quickly as possible, but not at the expense of accurate practice. when you make mistakes and still continue without correct it, there are mental impressions made in your mind which cannot be forgotten or hard to erase.

7. When is a mistake okay and when is it not okay

Making a mistake when your performing and moving ahead is the okay kind of mistake, not the mistakes that you do in practice. While practicing your aiming to perfect the song which will in turn outcome at a superb performance.

8. Keeping a record/practice diary

Record your practice in the “Practice Chart” (At the end of the page you can find the DOWNLOAD link). So you can know the direction of your progression in music.

9. Mental practice

As your travelling in a bus, doing your chores, or anything else, Run through/ Rehearse the Piece of music in your mind. You’ll be amazed of how your practicing the piano become easy if only this aspect of mental practice is done.






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