Part 3 – Music Lesson and Children. Are you thinking through it? 

Music Learning for kids – The perspective and resource to teach an early learner.

 Early Learning  – 2 to 5 Year olds (Parent Wiki)


the ancient Greek philosopher Plato said, “I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but more importantly music; for in the patterns of music and all the arts, are the keys to learning”.

Here i’ve listed some of the studies done on this subject of early learning.

  • A Swiss study of 1200 children showed how playing music helped children’s reading and verbal skills by improving concentration, memory and self- expression.
  • A Hong Kong study found that adults who had music training before the age of 12 years were better able to recall spoken words than adults who had little or no training in music.
  • A US study discovered that children aged 5–7 years who had been lagging behind in their school performance caught up with their peers in reading and were ahead of them in maths after seven months of music lessons.
  • Listening to music at any age has been found to tap directly into our innate pleasure systems, activating euphoria-inducing brain regions.

In my search for Getting a perspective on this early learning. Here’s what i found.

What do some of the prominent music school/college think on this?London College of music.


Replies of my friends who are music tutors worldwide.

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Concepts I think could be taught in the “Early Learning for kids”? – Music Lessons for kids

  • Rhythm – Fast and Slow
  • Dynamics – Loud and Soft


In the next Part of the same series ill want to share few videos and Drawing Material for the Early Leaners.

I aim at helping anyone who loves music.. so please be patient  when I’m late in my reply. I sure would be researching this topic for next few weeks.


Thanks for reading this article on music lessons for kids.

God Bless.

Joel E. Dave


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