My child wants to only learn new songs, what do i do?

My child wants to only learn new songs, what do i do?
  • As teachers and parents we need to be realistic and see the big picture, which the child may not see. As a child they only enjoy certain parts of the Piano learning and if left to their own they might as well practice their favourite part all the time.
  • Sometimes it is best thing to do is not to require them to polish every note they play. Set basic standards, like no missed notes, correct rhythm, and once they achieve them let them move on.
  • Be more than happy that your child wants to learn new songs. That is good. what should be taken care is In addition to learning new songs, your child should be reviewing old songs and doing finger exercises.
  • Be creative, and look for ways to inspire the kids. If your child is motivated about one aspect of learning music, like learning new songs, the last thing to do is discourage them, understanding at the same time they need to do other things they might not love as much.
  • Motivation is the most important thing. Be willing to make some compromises to keep motivation high.(Pro 18:14)


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