Living With Music – Questionnaire

Answer these questions at the comment section.

Keep a record of your answers in your personal music work book for future reference (Introspect/Think)

  1. What is Music
  2. What significance does Music have in your life?
  3. What was the progression of music liking you had? (from your past to present)
  4. List the kinds of Music styles you are familiar with?
  5. What are the music styles you like and why? (at least 3 styles)
  6. What is the uniqueness of the styles you like ?
  7. What process do you go through in your mind to categorise a new song /piece when you hear (for instance as a classical piece or a country or a western song)?
  8. Briefly describe the most obvious features of the styles you like ? (at least different favourite styles)
  9. Do you know music history in the past if yes from which year/ century
  10. List three ways in which our musical experience in the 21st century is different from that of people living a hundred or two hundred years ago?
  11. Where other than concerts and performance stadiums can you hear music today?(Try to list at least ten places)

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