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joel iMG-20150704-WA0014_Fotor This web page is a product of years of learning from the greats and my experience of teaching music for years now. Music has been my passion and sharing it is my love for it. If I could say I know something in music it is because of my teachers who have worked with me so patiently. I personally know of how it is to be musical failure as I was one until my teachers saw something in me which I dint see in myself. yes!! To create a musical genius, it needs a good teacher. Of course a student needs to practice being on the right track of practice and lessons,but overall theres no bad student if handwork and motivation are i n v e s t e d by the teacher consistently.

I expertise at teaching children, though many of the adults students who have taken lessons from me, have said to have benefited from my teaching. Teaching music has taught me some secrets in music playing and teaching that would be worth going through what i offer here in the website.

The more I get to know Music, the bigger it becomes and there cannot be any space forknow it all attitude”. Just because I have something to say, does not mean I know it all. We cant exhaust the subject (Music).We can only eat so much of a pie and if we know we cant exhaust it, then why not share it. Now that’s my motivation for this Web page. Music lessons on this web page are totally free for any personal use.


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  1. Bindu Rao

    Dear Joel,
    Would like to explore classes for my kid. Can you please share the details

    1. admin

      Ill want you to tell me what you have in mind when you say music class. Is it for singing or Piano?
      I personally believe every Child is born with a innate expression for music and its learning. so tell me your musical Goal for your child and we can achieve it.

      Also Im looking for people who would review a material im making for children.
      want to be a part of it? Let me know.

      Try this lesson with your child and tell me how she was able to get the Lesson – http://musictutorial.in/?p=1021

      Thanks for contacting,
      Joel E Dave

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